From elite athletes to local leaders, entrepreneurs, creatives & everybody in between, Team Amplife® Ambassadors are passionate about building and nurturing relationships that help people with disabilities. 

Ambassadors elevate their communities by living the Amplife®. Discover, get empowered by their Amplife® Story, and learn how they help us be our best.

Team Amplife® is for anybody living the Amplife®. You help them, and in exchange, get exclusive benefits. Whether you're a micro, mega or no-influencer, Amplife® invites all creators committed to bettering the disabled community to join.

The purpose of the program is for Ambassadors to help Amplife® promote their products and offerings, and in exchange, receive an Ambassador Page on, earn free Amplife® Clothing before it drops, exclusive discounts, community connections and collaborations. Ambassadors do not earn commissions or donations.

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