Portrait of Amplife® Foundation & Amplife® Founder Abdul Nevarez as he gets ready to hit his golf shot

It changed for Amplife® & Amplife® Foundation Founder, Abdul Nevarez, from a near-fatal hit-and-run motorcycle accident on October 22nd, 2012. Less than 2 years later, Amplife® was created out of necessity in the Bay Area.

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The Amplife® Story

Abdul was minutes from arriving home on his motorcycle, when a car swerved into his lane and caused him to crash into a pedestrian pole. He was wrapped around it with his right leg behind his head.

The car never stopped.

Abdul was airlifted to a hospital 30 miles away and immediately taken into surgery to save his life. He endured multiple surgeries for his injuries: Compound fracture of left humerus, causing brachial plexus, comminuted pelvis, and torn bladder. Thankfully, his right arm was unscathed, but his left arm and left leg have severe nerve damage. His surgeons also made sure to save his tattoos!

On the 23rd, Abdul went into surgery for compartment syndrome below his right knee to save his leg. The upper leg was dead on the 24th so they amputated his right leg above the knee to save his life. Abdul lost more than 100 units of blood, 10x the average amount humans hold; no other living person received that much blood in the hospital’s history and survived. He was in the ICU for the next 10 days, recovered in the hospital for 6 weeks, and came home just in time for Christmas!

Abdul couldn't find gear he would rock that supported the disabled community. That's when he founded Amplife® Clothing in 2014, empowering people with and without disabilities all over the world.

Even though people have had disabilities since the beginning of time, the resources are limited, conflicting, and the community remains fragmented.

From the lack of resources in the hospital where a person receives care, to not being able to find the right offerings for their specific disability, to becoming isolated from the lack of connections with the disabled community in their area, people with disabilities often have difficulty finding the products, services, events, information and community they need to thrive in their Amplife®.

No matter if you were born with a disability or you're new to the community, we're with you.